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TKTX History

If you're looking for pain-relieving creams, you'll quickly discover the TKTX. This cream is offered on promotion and shopping sites. 

The TKTX cream has been on the market since 1996, so more than 22 years ago the need for pain-relieving ointments and creams in the field of tattoos began. Since then, this cream has become the most popular preparation among tattoo fans. 

In the beginning the 20% TKTX was distributed, quickly followed by TKTX 35%, TKTX 38%, TKTX 39% until the last ointment TKTX 40%. It's easy to lose track of what's going on because the TKTX Numb Cream is available in 7 different colors, different sales volumes and significant price differences make it difficult to find your way around quickly. 

The supplier of these creams, which is based in China, gives some basic distinguishing features: 

-EAN number is 2100623. 
-The box is sealed with a hologram. 

The Chinese manufacturer of the TKTX is online with its webshop and provides the strength and effectiveness of the cream through the tube colors. 

There is also a basic consideration to be considered: The green TKTX has the highest active ingredient concentration, 5% lidocaine, 5% prilocaine and 1% epinephrine, the other 5 creams are identical in their active ingredient composition: 5% lidocaine, 5% prilocaine and 1% epinephrine. Nevertheless, the identical active ingredient combinations are still indicated with different % values. Why's that? 

The different colors are mixed differently by their carrier. This means in plain language: The combination of active ingredients is almost identically strong and effective in all of them, but the actual cream is composed differently. 

Since not everyone has the same skin and you also have different skin characteristics within your body, TKTX offers carriers with different absorption properties and distinguishes them in their color coding. 

But what cream should I use? You should answer this question yourself and keep in mind that each of these colors is particularly effective. Over the years, however, a trend towards the green and red has developed and TKTX regards them as all-rounders. It is advisable not only to test one color, but to take two different ones in direct comparison and find the one for the best mixture. 

You can find out exactly what the right TKTX application looks like in this guide. Here you can see step by step how it works. 

Once again, all TKTX products have had an impressive effect. In fact, they stun to the maximum and always even by lengths more than products freely available here . This leads then naturally to positive evaluations on the part of the buyers. Nevertheless, it is never certain whether the active ingredients of these creams produced in China are actually present in a correspondingly high purity and concentration. In addition, the other components are not listed at all. Should the information on the composition and concentration of the active ingredients nevertheless be correct, the TKTX ointments would be subject to prescription in Germany.

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