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Purple 10% Color

Mithra 10% Lidocaine Numbing Tattoo Body Anesthetic Fast Numb Cream Semi Perma Attention: if you need it last long time and stronger, please increasing the thickness and seal long time (normal 25-50 minutes), 1 hours + must better. Thickness and Sealing time is the key point.


Mithra numbing cream is used for temporary relief of pain which available without a prescription, Tattooing without pain anymore.
if you have Sensitive Skin , High recommend Mithra, No irritation.

Click: The Best Way to Apply the Cream

Help to relieve the pain experienced during tattooing, laser hair removal, body piercing, body waxing, bikini waxing, cosmetic tattooing and permanent make up. 

1.Wash the area receiving tattoo or laser treatment with soap and water. 
2.Cover Hot towel in 5 minutes or Apply with alcohol . 
3.Dry area completely. 
4.Cover 2-3 mm thickness (not good effective if too thin) 
5.Seal with Film (Canon plastic wrap)in 45-60 minutes 
6.Clean the skin and start tattooing. 

Type: Tattoo Numbing Cream 
Features: Fast Numbing, Easy to Use, Helpful Net Weight: about 10g. 

Notes: In order to ensure better effect, please don't drink Alcohol, Beer and Milk before 24 hours of tattooing, or you will feel pain when tattooing. 25 minutes super fast deep numbs, and it will last for 3-5 hours tattooing with no pain. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 382 reviews
Lidy Perez

Loved it

Dana Keim

Purple 10% Color

hongki jung

It can be used comfortably without pain.

Shai Andrews
First Time

My first time using this cream was a success! I’d never used any numbing creams on any of my prior tattoos, and decided to try it on a new forearm design and it was great! Remember NOT to rub it in but SPREAD it on like peanut butter, smooth spread and evenly distributed, to cover the area, then immediately wrap the coated area with plastic wrap, for at least 80-90 minutes.! BUY TWO TUBES JUST IN CASE (unless that tattoo design is tiny then one tube is fine). Hope this helps! Have a great tattoo session!

Jacob Cameron
Best numbing stuff I’ve ever used

I promise you. I’ve used Mabye 4 other brands that did not work. Made my neck so numb it was weird the breath. Rub your skin with alcohol really hard first, put it on THICK, wrap with syran wrap for an hour. I promise you this is the best “before skin” numbing I’ve ever used. You will not regret it

Vanessa Gant
Does the job

Numbing cream is wild! I couldn't believe it would make it so much better even with so many reviews.

Longest I've been tattooed was 4.5 hrs before tapping out. I got tattooed 8hrs (with 3 breaks making it close to 9hrs) and it felt about the same difficulty as the 4. 5hr just because the first few hrs weren't bad at all.

It's amazing !

Barbara Shroyer
Excellent product

Follow the directions you will not be disappointed.
Used a different product for my first. Felt every stroke. With Purple felt nothing for 6 hours. Very pleased. Second purchase.

Kahsan Boykin
Great product!!

I’ve used it twice now and I have not one complaint. Speedy shipping as well. Thanks u all!

Las Vegas
Never received my order!!!!

I purchased 2 numbing cremes. I did my transaction through PayPal and never received tracking information. I emailed the company and didnt get a reply back.

Jesse Guerin
Great product

The best numbing cream in the world!!!

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